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Scents Design Amsterdam Scent therapy Stress relief

Scents therapy,
what is it?

Scents therapy, also called aromachology is the holistic wellness trend you need to try. 

The is a relaxation technique using scents to connect with your memory and shift your moods.


De-stress your mind with just a few sniffs.

Which scents are one-way tickets to happiness?

Let the vibrating power of essential oils connect with your treasured memory. Let the smell of essential oils act on your body, feelings, and emotions.

A Natural
personalized formula

Scents Design power of scents on emotions

As an aromachologist, I handpick the perfect essential oils to match your personality, ensuring we create a 100% natural personalized formula during our relaxing sessions. This is your journey to rediscovering tranquility and serenity.

Power of scents to reduce stress and depressioin

The magic of essential oils

During the sessions, you will experience the power of different essential oils on your moods. At the end of our sessions you will be able to create your personalized comforting smell, your own synergy,

the one which will play a positive role in your emotional, mental, nervous, digestive or respiratory system.


Public: for the one who believe scents can enhance their moods and emotions

Scents Design_Aromachology_press2.jpeg

Scents therapy in WOMEN Health

Scents can do this to your brain (and mood).

What Our Clients Say

Essential Waves

Marfi – Comforting scent

Scents design studio Aromatherapy
"Aleksandra is a true expert in the field of scents. It was a unique experience, the scent she provided me connected me to past memories and brought out different emotions. I experienced it as a profound therapy which has been a wonderful journey into myself.   I love the comforting scent she created especially for me,  it suits my personality perfectly.

How does it work?

Scents Design your scent emotions boost

3 private sessions together

INHALE essential oils selected for you (based on your need), and experience the positive effect on your body and soul.


RELAX, breathe, escape, dive into your treasured memory and embrace your emotions


CREATE your own self-care scent, a synergy of essential oils, capable of :

“offsetting the stress of everyday life”,

“boosting your energy”,

“helping to focus, sleep better, feel more confident, positive,

happy, …”



We select a selection of self-care essential oils  



We get you through an inhaling essential oils meditation technique



We create your own formulas that you can take home with you

Try it out?

Interested in knowing more about scent therapy and design your mood booster scent?

Feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer any of your questions and guide you to the most adapted service.

Thanks for submitting!

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