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Aleksandra Chadzynski  Fragrance Expert | Niche perfumes | Scent designer | Aromachologist | Create emotional fragrances | Pr

" Designing a fragrance is much like creating a translation of your emotions and identity.
As a creator, I strieve to encapsulate your essence, transforming it into a unique living expression that can resonate authentically, truely with you."

Aleksandra Chadzynski

Scent design Olfactive Team training Amsterdam

20 years fragrance expertise 

With more than 20 years of working experience in the most renowned Global Fragrance Houses, I decided to create in 2019 the Scents Design Studio.


An atelier located at the heart of Amsterdam to offer my expertise as fragrance designer, both for corporates and individuals in crafting exclusive and tailor-made fine fragrances, home scents and beauty products.

Scents Design Aleksandra perfume designer

A mood shift practionner

Since 2020, I developed my skills in scents therapy and aromachology, exploring the power of essential oils on oneself memories and emotions.


After identifying your precise needs, we will create bespoke personal scents that can evoke desired emotional responses at the time you wish.

An Artisan Parfumeur

Designing a fragrance for a brand is a deep dive into brand values and owners fragrance preferences. An authentic journey to build a unique fragrance identity where the creator strives to encapsulate the essence of the brand soul.

Artisans Parfumeurs fragrance design

Scents Design in the press

Let’s Work Together

You are a company and would like to consult a fragance expert to create or update your olfactive brand identity?

You would like to create your own scent or boost you wellbeing through the art of scents?

You would like to organize a private workshop for your teams, family or loved ones. 

Feel free to contact me, i will be happy to answer any of your questions

Thanks for submitting!

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