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Bottles of Essential Oil

A fragrance expert
fully dedicated to your success

As a fragrance expert, I strive to support companies and start-ups in the creation of their own fragrance ID and/or to develop their complete product range and skills.

We translate your concept into reality

We co-create & develop your fragrances expertise with passion

Scents Design Your brand olfactive signature Amsterdam Paris Grasse

1. Your brand olfactive signature

We create personalised fragrances to fit and strengthen your brand identity. After performing an olfactive profiling, we translate your brand values into the scent that fits best your needs and requirements.


We provide products manufactured in big quantity and/or small series you can display in your working, home interior.

2. Your product range from A to Z

We provide a full service from concept to manufacturing.  Scents design has experience in product development where fragrance plays a key role. Perfumes, homes scents, cosmetics.

Thanks to our wide network of partners we get it all done for you. We assist you from the first creative briefing to the manufacturing.

From the first creative briefing to the manufacturing, we are there to assist you at every step of the process.

How can we help you?

  • Getting the right inspiration by exchanging with a trend agency

  • Selecting the right packaging suppliers and manufacturers

  • Developing your fragrance strategy and scents depending on fragrance preferences of your audience

  • Testing your fragrances with potential end users

  • Guiding you through legislation

  • Being your cost optimizer

  • Helping you out with distribution

  • Creating your brand campaign

What kind of products?

Scents Design Tailor made spray for your brand
Scents Design A fragrance designed for your brand
 Scents Design A candle designed for your brand
Scents Design Personalized cosmetics brand
Scents Design Customed scents brand

What Our Clients Say

Essential Waves

Blueprint B&B 

I had a fantastic experience with Scents design! 

Alongside quality ingredients, you design your own brand name and packaging with unexpected tailor made fragrances. Aleks was always helping and giving solutions from minute one, suggesting several personalization options. She also provides excellent customer service. I truly recommend it!

Scents design studio Creative team Building & training-Amsterdam
Scents design studio Team Building & training Amsterdam

3. Perfumery & Olfactive training

Learn about perfumery, Olfactive training for product managers or any professional involved in an activity closely related to perfumery


DEVELOP your fragrance skills

DISCOVER/SMELL fragrance ingredients and best selling fine fragrances 

LEARN about the fragrance industry and fragrance creation

4. Creative 
team building

Team building workshops for managers who which to stimulate the creative sense of their teams

  • Stimulate your team creativity

  • Learn and create with passion

  • Play the role of a scents designer

  • Engage & re-enforce your teams relationships

We can adapt the session to your needs and objectives

Scents Design Training & team activity Building Amsterdam
Scents design_Learn how to create your perfume line_Amsterdam.jpeg

5.  Feasibility roadmap for your project

Everything you need to know and identify before starting your own perfume line.

Your Essential Guide to Launch Your Own Fragrance Line: 

  • Different product categories with fragrance inside (Fine fragrance, personal care, home care), means different constraints and challenges

  • Differences between mass, masstige, premium and niches brands

  • Fragrance composition, structure  (top, middle, bottom notes)

  • Fragrance performance (dosage, the trail, long lasting, …)

  • Ingredients used in fragrance composition (Natural, synthetics, …)

  • Key ingredients to know and smell

  • Legislation in the fragrance industry

  • Q & A to answer to all your questions

Let’s Work Together

You are a company, business owner looking to consult a fragance expert to create and/or update your olfactive brand identity?

You would like to create your own scent or boost you wellbeing through the art of scents?

You would like to organize a private workshop for your teams,

family and loved ones? 

Feel free to contact me, I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Thanks for submitting!

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