With more than 25 years working in key fragrance houses I have developed competencies in fragrance design. 

Today I guide small and medium companies to grow their fragrance business. 

Scents design can develop olfactive strategies for multiple product types and brands. 

Services can include rationalisation of fragrance banks and the development of performing fragrance collections. 

Multiple olfactive training possibilities can be offered. 

Contact scents design to let us know more about your project. 


Scent design supports company growth by strengthening the existing and by engaging internal teams to come up with ideas on how to further develop their company‘s business. 

The process goes through an audit of resources, equipment and facilities to come up with business opportunities or/and a slight repositioning. 

The report of the audit will be presented to stakeholders including actions to transform ideas into results. 

In terms of marketing Services, Scents design can offer trends and new products tracking, creative sessions for product managers and various product design support of fragrance bottle, candles, and personal care products. 


Scents design can put you in contact with market research professionals with proven experience in the fragrance industry. 

Our partners will provide qualitative and quantitative tools to best select or rework your fragrance. 

We trust they will best advise you interpreting data on fragrance preferences by end users to best fit your brand action standards and ID. 


Scents design will support you on how to increase your visibility by exhibiting in fairs which are related to your business. 

We will help you to design your booths, develop fragrance demo and customer gifts. 

On top we can participate to your corporate branding by developing promotional branded materials such as smelling strips & smelling strips holders, calendars, and note books, ...


Scents design has access to young talented creatives as well as senior managers and perfumers, globally. 

We can also put you in contact with Fragrance specialist freelancers who can provide services on a temporary basis. 

Scents design is also in contact with coaches who have experience in the fragrance industry and can best advise on next steps and/or on how to reposition. 


Scents design has experience in the development of perfumers and evaluators creative school academies.

We can organise Workshops: 

For individuals to go through a fragrance profiling method for them to Know more about their fragrance preferences and advise them on which fragrance to wear. 

For companies willing to organise creative team building sessions for R&D and marketing professionals but not only. 


Scents design

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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