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Exclusive sessions for
a personal approach

As an olfactory artisan, I guide my clients in articulating their personality, narrative, and style through the captivating language of scent, drawing inspiration from its profound emotional associations.

My method revolves around delving into the distinctive olfactory identity of individuals, showcasing how fragrance selections intertwine with their personal history, character, or brand essence. Utilizing olfactory design and sensory storytelling, I shape a unique narrative that submerges you into the impactful realm of scent communication

Choose your personal session

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Craft your personal scent

1-o-1 private session We create together your own fragrance tailored to your personality, tastes and aspirations.

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Refill your favorite fragrance

Have you attended one of our workshops and created a custom perfume you'd like to reorder?

Good news: we've saved your formula.

Contact us to take an appointment or come pick it up directly.

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Your fragrance stylist

Get to know your scent preferences to best select your fragrance in a perfumery shop. After performing an olfactive test you will get feedback on which fine fragrances you may like the best. Visit stores where you can smell and buy your best suited fragrance.

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Recover your smell

Want to train yourself to recover from loss of smell due to Covid viral infection. For people who got a recent viral infection that diminished their olfactive sense. You will share your experience and I will give you information on the technics to support
your recovery.

A complete training including a kit of 5 natural essential oils to bring home, and free access to the apps to monitor your progress. 

What my Clients Say

Create your own perfume - diy fragrance workshop

Yvonne, Breda - Smell recovery

Hi Aleks, i did it the first two weeks daily, but after that, there was a lot of improvement, so i did it twice a week and now the smell is completely back. The smell of Rose was the most difficult, it was a very light smell for me, and now it is normal.


Create your personalised wellbeing perfume workshop

Scents design studio Creative team building

Craft a scent that not only captivates your senses but also uplifts your mood and well-being. Dive into the world of scent aromatherapy, exploring the profound connection between fragrances, emotions, and health benefits, led directly by our founder, Aleksandra.

In this workshop, you'll embark on a sensory journey to curate a personalised, self-care fragrance.

Aleksandra, with her in-depth knowledge of scent psychology, will introduce you to various fragrance ingredients and their therapeutic properties. She'll uncover the relation between scents,

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