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Scents design
Create your fragrance

Training programs

Adapted to your needs as a professional or

fragrance lover.


DISCOVER your fragrance preferences

Smell and get your own fragrance profile

You will be able to smell fragrance ingredients to know more about your fragrance preferences and better select your next fragrance in a perfumery shop

DEVELOP your fragrance skills

Smell fragrance ingredients and exercise scents recognition - Also available post covid smell recovery kits.

Recognition olfactive session of perfumery raw materials and essential oils

Discover scents that are used in the composition of fine fragrances in perfumery shops

CREATE your fragranced product

On demand

For people who would like to create their own room spray with essential oils. We provide the packaging, label and essential oil.  

TEAM BUILDING - Recreative session

On demand

We organize creative team-building sessions. Give opportunities to your teams to create scents that resonate with them. It could be the starting point of your company's fragrance ID or just a friendly competition. 

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Flacons - Copie (2).jpg
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