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OLFACTO Reliance 

One-2-one consultation

Olfacto confidence, Olfacto energy, Olfacto positive, Olfacto urgence (stress), olfacto good night, ...

On demand ...

Discovery 1 session

Inhale an essential oil and relax

Smell - 3 pre-selected essential oils

1 olfacto relaxation practice with one oil

Gift: One essential oil stick 

60 mns (1 session): 60 euros


Full journey 3 sessions

Create your recomforting scent and relax

Work on your need and emotional state

Smell - 7 selected essential oils

3 olfacto relaxation practices

Gift: 1 stick EO + your recomforting smell 2 ML EO

180 mns (3 sessions): 180 euros

OLFACTO Recovery 

One-2-one consultation

Want to train yourself to recover from loss of smell due to Covid viral infection



Introduction to the technique 

Your kit with 5 natural scents

Access to a free app to monitor

your progress

60 mns: 80 euros

Coaching: Articles
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