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OLFACTO Reliance

To feel more confident?

To boost your energy? 

To develop positiveness?

To relax from stress?

To sleep better? …

On-demand depending on your needs

Explore the power of essential oils on your emotions.

Experience our relaxation technic. Create your personalized synergy with essential oils.

We will work with your needs, asking the right questions to offer the formula that will unlock your better health

Book a one-to-one consultation with our specialist.

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OLFACTO Recovery

Want to train yourself to recover from loss of smell due to Covid viral infection

For people who got a recent viral infection that diminished their olfactive sense. You will share your experience and I will give you information on the technics to support

your recovery.

A complete training including a kit of 5 natural essential oils to bring home, and free access to the apps to monitor your progress. 


Aromachology is the holistic wellness trend you need to try. 

Perfume as self-care? Which scents are one-way tickets to happiness?


Aromachology is a relaxation technique to boost your mood and de-stress your mind with just a few sniffs.

Let the vibrating power of essential oils connect with your treasured memory. 

Let the smell of essential oils act on your body, feelings, and emotions.


During the sessions, we will create your personalized comforting smell, your own synergy,

the one which will play a role in your emotional, mental, nervous, digestive or respiratory system.


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