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Fragrance expert

With more than 20 years of working experience in key fragrance houses, I am specialized in product development where fragrance plays a key role. 

I am a fragrance designer who creates brand olfactive signatures and a fragrance profiler who identifies people’s

fragrance preferences. 

Mood shift practitioner

I am a practician in aromachology who guides you through a relaxation technique to explore the power of essential oils on your memories and emotions.

I am an olfactive trainer, if you lost smell due to covid viral infection I can provide you with a kit and the technique to support your recovery.


Testimonial Yvonne from Breda – Smell recovery

Hi Aleks, i did it the first two weeks daily, but after that, there was a lot of improvement, so i did it twice a week and now the smell is completely back. The smell of Rose was the most difficult, it was a very light smell for me, and now it is normal.

Thanks a lot for the training.

Testimonial Marfi – Comforting scent

Aleksandra is a true expert in the field of scents. It was a unique experience, the scent she provided me connected me to past memories and brought out different emotions. I experienced it as a profound therapy which has been a wonderful journey into myself.   I love the comforting scent she created especially for me,  it suits my personality perfectly. 

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ADN de la proprete

... confie Aleksandra Chadzynski, Fragrance Development Manager Detergents chez IFF. On s’intéresse plus aux ingrédients qu’avant ainsi qu’à l’aromathérapie ». Alors qu’on simulait la présence de rose, de lavande, d’œillet et de violette pour évoquer la propreté dans les années 90, les années 2000 ont vu naitre un courant plus frais avec des impressions de grands bols d’air et de verdure...


L’évaluation : les coulisses de la création olfactive

 « Nous ne pouvons plus nous permettre d’attendre les briefs des clients. Il faut être proactif et proposer les univers olfactifs de demain, avec en moyenne 2 ans d’avance », commente Aleksandra Chadzynski, responsable senior de la création fragrance Fabric care chez IFF....


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